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    Ofgem administers the ECO scheme on behalf of the Department for Energy, Business & Industrial Strategy. Our duties include:

    • allocating a proportion of targets to obligated suppliers
    • monitoring supplier progress and deciding whether they’ve achieved their obligations
    • reporting to the Secretary of State
    • auditing, ensuring compliance and preventing and detecting fraud.

    In order to asses whether you qualify for a Grant through The HHCRO or CERO funding pots we provide your data to the Energy Savings Trust who have a link in directly to The Department of Works and Pensions. If you qualify the DWP will provide us with a 7 digit URN (unique reference number) this will effectively give us the go ahead to carry out the work on your home in the knowledge that it will be funded through the ECO scheme. Being awarded a Grant does not effect you entitlement to benefits or credits.

    Our funding comes primarily from the Big 6 Energy companies and their representatives. They are obligated to spend money on improving Energy efficiency and reducing the fuel spend of homes in certain areas and in certain classifications. This is why it is called the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) Scheme. We are also paid through these funds so you as a home owner or Landlord don't ever see a bill for the works.