Frequently Asked Questions

1What is ECO?

ECO is the abbreviation of the Energy Companies Obligations which was approved by Parliament in December 2012 with the passing of the The Electricity and Gas (Energy Companies Obligation) Order 2012.

There are three Energy Companies Obligations: the Carbon Saving Obligation, the Community Carbon Saving Obligation and the Affordable Warmth Obligation.

The new ECO Scheme 'ECO 4' started on the 1st April 2022.

2Who Qualifies for a Grant?

You must live in your own home or one you must rent from a private landlord. (Different rules apply to householders in council properties and housing association properties). There are many routes to access the funding including, benefits, health conditions and also Local Authority Flexibility. Contact our team now to find out how you can qualify.

3Where does the money come from for the Grants?
UK energy companies contribute to a pot of funding which is shared across the whole of the UK. Organisations such as ourselves have portions of this funding allocated to complete this work on their behalf. If they contribute to the funding pots, they would be fined massively which would outweigh the costs related to the installation of insulation measures, heating upgrades and renewable technologies installations.
4How do I apply for a Grant?

We can walk you through the process, all we need are a few details to establish if you qualify and then we take care of the full application process, this service is completely FREE to you as we are paid by the Funders. Please take a look at our check now form which is a 2 minute eligibility checker which allows us to check with the DWP if you qualify for funding.

5How long will ECO grants be available for?
ECO 4 runs until March of 2026.
6Who installs the measures funded by the Grant?

Only accredited, professional installers who have been properly vetted and who have been granted funding to carry out installations under the Affordable Warmth Scheme are allowed to carry out the work.